The Piel Craftsmen



Piel Craftsmen is located in the beautiful historic seaport of Newburyport, Massachusetts. The shop is located at 3 1/2 Center Street in downtown Newburyport, one block from the Custon House Maritime Museum along the Merrimac River.


If you get a chance to visit our shop you will be able to watch ship models being made, ship model restoration, as well as explore our selection of fine nautical gifts.

When you visit our shop you will have a chance to see each of our Piel Ship Models on display. We also carry a number of quality ship models made by local craftsmen.

You'll have a chance to see many of our models under various stages of construction. Step into the workshop and talk with our staff about ship modeling.

Or ask Nancy about rigging the models.

You'll notice many models in the shop that are in for repair or restoration, they are the models with white tags. We also case many models for our customers both after restoration or new models that have just been purchased. We carry ship model case kits for all our Piel models in both Mahogany and Oak wood and will order custom size cases on request.

Come and take a look into our Gift Shop

We look forward to meeting you when you visit Newburyport.


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