Classic Sailing Yawl

History of the Yawl

The Yawl rig can be seen in every corner of the yachting world and is used to a great extent on pleasure craft. The true "yawl" is the Yarmouth yawl used in England on the north coast and is descended from the Scandinavian "yol."

Length overall



9' 6"



The classic yawl is a fore-and-aft rigged boat, with the main mast stepped forward and a small mizzen mast stepped in the stern aft or behind the rudder-head. The yawl is very closely related to the ketch-rig. Today the only way the yawl and ketch differ is in the placing of the mizzen-mast, aft of the rudder-head on a yawl and forward of the rudder-head on the ketch.

Our Model

This model is a beautiful example of a classic 36 foot yawl pleasure sailing yacht under full sail. The hull is maple with the bottom finished with a light stain and gloss varnish and the top side is a deep blue with a white waterline stripe. The cabin has a light cream color on the sides with a gray top. Hatches, handrails, and other deck hardware are natural mahogany. The model is mounted on a maple finished base with brass nameplate.

Model Measurements

Length overall




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