H. M. S. Bounty


Armed Merchant Ship

History of the H. M. S. Bounty

The H. M. S. Bounty was originally the Bethia which was purchased by the Navy Board on May 26, 1787. She was purchased to be used in the experiment to transport bread-fruit trees from the East Indies to the West Indies. The Bethia was 90' 10" overall length and 24' 3" in beam and 215 tons.

On May 26, 1787, the Bethia was registered on the Royal Navy Ships List as HM Armed Vessel Bounty. Captain Bligh was appointed to the Bounty on August 16, and he became involved in supervising her fitting out for her voyage.

The Bounty was a little enough ship to carry the frame as the setting of the world famous mutiny. As long as men love the sea, the story of the Bounty and of Captain Bligh and his mate, Fletcher Christian, will be of interest. The stirring 3,618 mile cruise in the23 foot launch by Captain Bligh and eighteen men; the fate and tragedy of Christian and his fellow mutineers on Pitcairn Island; the trial of those mutineers apprehended on the disastrous voyage of the Pandora. All these events present a complete picture unique in the annals of the sea, of the sinister effect of the failure of man to get along with his fellow men.

Our Model

The H. M. S. Bounty model is based on the original ship. The hull is carved from select basswood to show accurately the typical rounded bottom design of a cargo carrier of the 18th century. The Bounty has dull black topsides and antiqued copper-green bottom. The deck fittings represent the fine details of the deck hatches, mounted cannons and swivel guns, capstan and the historic ship launch. The base is mahogany with brass finished nameplate on each side of the name block.

Model Measurements

Length overall



13 3/4"

Width of main yard

4 3/4"

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