Benjamin Hale

Three Masted Schooner

History of the Benjamin Hale

The Benjamin Hale was built by Atkinson and Filmore at Newburyport, Massachusetts and launched July 3, 1882.

Length overall



35' 8"


16' 2"

Gross Tons


The Benjamin Hale was a schooner of the flat floored, hollow bow type known as clipper schooners from the early clipper ships that influenced the design. Used primarily in coastwise trade she was known as a "coaster" and was principally engaged in carrying lumber. Her wide decks were purposely kept clear for the stowage of deck cargo. Her broad flat hull was not only admirably suited for cargo carrying but gave great stability as well.

The United States Registry for 1885 lists the Benjamin Hale as a vessel of 597.24 gross tons. Her official number is 3204 and her special signal hoist is given as J-W-G-Q. The home port of the Benjamin Hale was Newburyport, where she was built in 1882. Little specific information about her career is available today but undoubtedly she visited most of the seaports up and down the east coast during her lifetime and must have weathered many a northeast gale on her way to Newburyport from down east.

Our Model

The Benajimin Hale has been built on the lines of the origianl ship. Great care has been taken to reproduce the dull black topsides and the red anti-fouling bottom of the original schooner. The white sails are bent to the spars in the same fashion used on the real ship and are sprung to give the effect of the schooner under way in a light breeze.

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