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Half Hull Models


Piel Craftsmen offers a collection of beautiful handmade solid wood half hulls made by our craftsmen and by other local New England craftsmen. In general the wooden models are handmade using the bread and butter method. Our finishes are hand rubbed and vary from a soft satin sheen to a high gloss depending on the type of boat finish. Each half hull has a name plate on the backboard. Half hull models that are constructed differently will be described below.



Eastern Rig Trawler

Half hull model

15" X 12"

Item #MC-ERT




"SS Nobska"

Shadowbox half hull model

11 1/2" L X 9 3/4" W X 1 3/4" D

Built in Maine's Bath iron Works Shipyard in 1925. Steamship ferry to Nantucket

Item #PK-nobska




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