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  "Destroyer Ship Model Kits"  
* Popular, reasonably priced for the Ship Modeler Ages 10 and up!

U.S.S. ARLEIGH BURKE DDG-51 was named after the destroyer skipper in WWII who led a squadron of US Navy destroyers in a battle near Quadacanal at the top speed of the slowest ship which was 31 knots. Hence the nickname 31knot Burke!  He later became a full Admiral of the U.S.Navy. This model of DDG-51 is a missile type destroyer, plus she carried a helicopter.  Glue, paint & helicopter not included. Recommended for ages 10 up.  It has over 140 pieces.   . . .

List Price: $32.00

Clearance Price: $15.00

HMS LIVERPOOL . . . TYPE 42 BRITISH . . . Destroyer, Batch 2. Kit. Plastic with over 120 pieces. Decals and  Etched Parts included. Glue and paint not included.  Scale 1:700.  Recommended for ages 10 up. . . .

 List Price: $19.95

Clearance Price: $9.00

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