NORDLANDSJEKTA . . . Circa 1850  Traditional Norwegian Cargo vessel. "Nordland" is one of the Norway's northern districts. The "jekt" is a single masted, vessel with high stem & transom stern. This robust cargo vessel, capable of carrying large volumes is legendary as part of Norwegian maritime history, particularly for trading to Bergen -1850-1900. Principal cargo was dried fish to Bergen; carrying a variety of supplies back north from nails to silk underwear. Accurate reconstruction with plank on frame carvel construction. Skiff on stern and stand included. Length 25.9", Scale 1:30.  #SW80 
List Price: $340.00
Our Price: $299.00

Wood parts shown above for #SW80

Most Norske Modellbater parts are pre-cut, includes frames, deckbeams, keel, stem, transom, rudder.  Finest quality pine planking & deck materials. Sails, rigging and necessary plans for building included.

OSELVER" Circa 1600-1870 In 1750, 2 brothers built boats, out of a boathouse on the Os river in Norway, hence the name "Oselver", Norwegian for river. 1000's of these boats were exported to the Orkneys, Scotland. Still sailed in Norway regattas ages 14 to 75. Model includes 2 pairs of oars, drawings & building instructions;simple rig with a more traditional style than today's regatta boats. Wood plank on frame construction. Scale 1:15, L 16.3". # W90
 List Price: $85.00
Our Price: $79.00

Our New, Magnificent 
Ship Model Kit 
  A traditional Viking type ship used 
for cruising the fiords of Norway.
Originally built in 1890. Still built and
used today. Planking and deck
materials, fine quality pine. Enjoy
building and using this colorful,
exciting  model kit for years to come.
Full size drawings and building
instructions included.  Wood plank
on frame construction. Scale is 1:15,

Length is 28". Model #W60. 
List Price: $225.00
Our Price: $199.00


NORWEGIAN WOOD SAILING SKIFF Known As "SPISSER" is refered to as "Liíl skiff for nimble fingers". A good way to learn plank-on-frame technique. Kit includes pre-cut frames, sail material, etc. Scale 1:30, Length 6.95"   #W85 kit is
List Price: $37.00
Our Price: $29.00





A traditional Norwegian cutter.  A very seaworthy ship used during WW II to take Norwegians across the North Sea to the Shetland islands to join with Norwegian armed forces. The stormier the sea the better to avoid German E-Boats. When fitted with an electric motor & 2 channel radio control, it makes an excellent working model. The kit includes formed plastic hull. All deck & deck house parts are made of finest precut materials. Included are propeller, rudder & necessary fittings, instructions & full size drawing. The separate fittings set is included & contains all deck equipment, such as portholes, rails, lanterns, winches, etc. Most parts shown below. O.A.L. 36.5".  Scale 1:20. 
List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $280.00


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