Cottage Industry Models

Resin Ship Model Kits & Guns circa Civil War Period.


"THE SWAMP ANGEL" . . . 8" UNION PARROT RIFLE. Length is 6 1/2" x 2" wide. Scale is 1/32nd. Kit  #SG-002   $49.95 eachThe Manufacturer suggests before painting kit, wash it with mild soapy water; use an  old toothbrush or soft brush. This removes any mold release left when molding the kit. Mold release can mar paint after paint is applied.
List Price: $50.00

Clearance Price: $20.00

NEW! "C.S.S. DAVID"   October 5th, 1863, The world's first use of a fast attack torpedo boat when the Confederacy unleashed the S.S. David upon the Union Ironclad U.S.S. New Ironsides just outside the entrance to Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.  Although the new Ironsides failed to sink the David inflicted enough damage with her spar torpedo to lay the ship in dry dock until the end of the Civil War. Not for small children as lots of the parts are very small and easily swallowed by small children.  1/72nd Scale Resin and cast Metal Fittings. Kit  O.A.L. of model approx. 14".  #72-002 
List Price: $40.00

Clearance Price: $18.00